Runtime Fonts for Flash is a wonderful way when building apps, even better if you are as me and creating international apps for a lot of countries, you have the language supports and the problem with characters in fonts when staring to look at Greek, Japanese, Korea, Chinese and so on. I have a old Runtime font for CS3 that works pretty well. But when starting to use CS4 I wanted to improve the loading and sharing.

So the idea was to use Flex to compile Font SWF files, a big problem when I use Flash CS4 (fp9) and Flex 3. Flex will not recognize my font SWF file, it will also not recognize my local fonts to embed bold/italic font sets. Using an exported CS3 (fp9) file it works just fine.
Note; fp9 = Flash Player 9.

So lets look of how to do this.
First we need to create our font file.
1.) Create an Flex ActionScript project (I use framework 3.2)
2.) The Class name will be something that we will get later so I renamed my as file to
3.) Remove the constructor and add the embed tags, example below. Note the unicodeRange tag, these are used to select characters to be embedded, remove to embed the entire font.
package {
import flash.display.Sprite;

public class FontHolder extends Sprite
[Embed(systemFont='Verdana', fontFamily='Verdana', mimeType='application/x-font', unicodeRange='U+0061-U+0074')]
public static const verdana_regular:Class;

[Embed(systemFont='Verdana', fontFamily='Verdana', mimeType='application/x-font', fontWeight='bold', unicodeRange='U+0061-U+0074')]
public static const verdana_bold:Class;
4.) Now you have your font SWF file to use for the project.

So with your font file it’s time to use it in the project. In this example I use my Flex 3 as CS3 development tool., this is because I create Flash Player 9 project. You can of course use only Flash IDE or any other […]