I’ve played around a little with Flex 3 Builder. I love the FDT plugin to Eclipse. But I think it’s a little to expensive and for having a use for it I need the enterprise to get debugger functionality.

So I started to search and to play around with my Flex 3 Builder, why can’t I use this??? Well, as it looks like it’s actually possible.

I created a little video tutorial how to set it up. This is my first video tutorial so sorry if it’s a little strange. If anyone got some good tips of how to create video tutorials please let me know because this was harder than I thought. The files are very big so will try to record them all over.

1.) Compile CS3 core library
Watch the video (3.6mb)
1.1) Create Flex Library Project.
1.2) Copy the Flash CS3 fl.* package to project folder.
1.3) Go into Project Properties -> Flex Library Build Path
1.4) Mark the fl.* package to be build, then close window.
1.5) Done, now the Flex Builder compiles the SWC file.
You can download swc file from here

2.) Change Flex framework
Watch the video (19.2mb)
2.1) Find the Flex 3.0.0 SDK (inside Flex Application folder) and make a copy
2.2) In your copy change the name of the SDK inside flex-sdk-description.xml
2.3) Remove all files except the “player” folder in framework/lib
2.4) Inside the “player” folder, remove the swc file.
2.5) Copy the “playerglobal.swc” file from “Flash CS3/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0/Classes/” into the “player” folder.
Place the created/downloaded SWC file in same folder
2.6) Open Flex Builder 3 and open Preferences->Flex-Installed Flex SDKs.
2.7) Add new SDK and point to your SDK folder. Then click OK and close.
2.8) All done, you have a new SDK CS3 and Flash CS3 compiled fl.* package, start to work!

3.) Create a Project
Watch the video (11.0mb)
3.1) Create a ActionScript project.
3.2) Change the SDK to the one created in Step 2. Then hit next (NOT Finished)
3.3) Change tab to “Library Path” and add the SWC file created in step 1. Then hit Finished.
3.4) Create FLA file and save to project, add the Flex class as Document Class.
3.5) Open “Publish Settings” and Check “Permit debugging”.
3.6) Open Settings for ActionScript version. Unmark “Automatically declare stage instances”.
3.7) Now you all good to go. Example, add Textarea to stage and declare instance.
If you doing the updated tags, skip 3.3

4.) Debug a Project
Watch the video (9.4mb)
3.1) Flash CS3: Export your flash project with Debug -> Debug Movie
3.2) Flex: In the menu open debugger profile.
3.3) In URL;s remove default settings and point Debug to your exported SWF file.
3.4) Add a breakpoint in the code and run from flex debugger.